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Old Street Flavours: Arabic Breakfast at Operation:Falafel, JBR

Living in Dubai, you’d expect there’d be an abundance of great Arabic food. While that’s definitely true, most of it is undeniably ‘fancy’. The humble falafel sandwich has had a makeover in recent years and somewhere along the line it seems to have lost its soul. Until Operation:Falafel came along...

Inspired by generations of authentic Arabic food, Operation:Falafel aims to prove that traditional recipes can still win in the modern day. Their story is one of true passion and we couldn’t help but be intrigued about what was on offer.

We were recently invited to visit the JBR branch for a traditional Arabic breakfast. Breakfast is served all day (luckily for us, since we’re not early risers on our days off!) and the menu is simple but varied. We chose to put our breakfast experience completely in the hands of our wonderful servers, and completely trusted them to recommend the perfect breakfast. Our only stipulation - coffee please!

Breakfast arrived promptly and looking like something from our dreams! Crispy falafel, foul masri, cheese and zataar manaeesh, fried eggs and potatoes - heaven!

The staff were absolutely amazing and made the most incredible recommendations! We loved everything that they served us and can’t wait to return for more! The prices are also so reasonable and portion sizes are really generous.

If you’re in JBR- pop in! They have a range of other branches across UAE and beyond

so you’ll never be too far from satisfying your craving for authentic Arabic food!

Have you visited yet?

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